Where does the name Spiritus Sanctus come from?

Spiritus Sanctus is the Latin term for the Holy Spirit who guides all the evangelical endeavors of the Catholic Church.

Is Spiritus Sanctus a Diocesan school?

SSA is an independent Catholic school recognized by the Diocese of Lansing and owned and administered by the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist.

Who are the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist?

The Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist were founded in 1997 to continue the traditional Dominican charism of preaching and teaching the Catholic faith. Their spirituality is centered in a devotion to Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist and a filial devotion to the Mother of God. There are currently over 120 Sisters, most of whom live in the motherhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Please visit www.sistersofmary.org for more information.

What grades do Spiritus Sanctus Academies teach?

Spiritus Sanctus Academies have classes beginning with a 4-year old program and continue through a full-day K-8 grade.

Do the students attend daily Mass?

Yes, students and facutly can attend daily Mass.

What is the average class size at SSA?

We have an average class size of 22 students.

Do you teach foreign languages?

Yes, Spanish is taught in all grades, starting in kindergarten.

What kind of curriculum does the school use?

The schools use a highly traditional instruction approach, with a curriculum which stresses basic academic skills of reading, writing and computation as well as critical analysis skills.

How does SSA compare to other schools academically?

Very well. Alumni report that they were very well prepared for high school classes. Additionally, the schools use the Iowa Basic Skills test to ensure that the schools are meeting the highest possible academic standards. At SSA we do not teach to the test, but use results to aid teachers in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum and in individual students. The test results are not reflected on the student’s report card. The tests show that students at SSA consistently score in the top 75 to 91 percentile nationally.

What sports are offered at SSA?

The schools offer competitive and intramural sports including  football (Ann Arbor Saints), basketball, volleyball, soccer and floor hockey.

Do the students wear a uniform?

Yes, the students wear a uniform in all grades.

Are there deductions in tuition for siblings?

Yes, SSA offers generous deductions for siblings.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial aid may be granted from the school. SSA uses the Private School Aid Service to evaluate requests.

Can I come and visit the school?

Yes, for a tour of one of or schools please, call or email the school.