Spirit Life

Faith Formation

As we form youth for the third millennium, we commit ourselves to building a Catholic culture within the walls of each Spiritus Sanctus Academy. Our faith-based curriculum provides the following key components:

  • Systematic catechesis
  • A deeper understanding of and reverence for Sacred Scripture
  • An understanding of the Eucharist as the center of the Christian faith
  • A rich sacramental life, including daily Mass and weekly opportunities for confession
  • An appreciation for the various forms of prayer and worship, with a particular devotion to the Eucharist and consecration to Mary
  • A respect for objective truths as revealed by God in Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and a corresponding sense of the students’ Catholic identity
  • A love for the virtue and example of the Saints
  • Opportunities for works of mercy and community outreach

The Academies are committed to the belief that each child has a personal dignity and worth because he is created in the image of God and loved by Him.

Faith in Action

All students are encouraged to grow in the Virtues. There are many ways in which students, particularly in the upper grades can put their faith into action:

  • Participation in the annual March for Life
  • Raising money for children in Uganda
  • Collecting items (such as diapers) for local families in need
  • Service projects for families in need

Living the Faith

At Spiritus Sanctus Academies a chapel is central to each school building, reflecting the centrality of the Catholic faith to the life and mission of SSA. There are many opportunities for students and their families to practice their faith at school:

  • All students and faculty attend daily Mass (families are warmly invited to attend also)
  • First Friday Eucharistic Adoration
  • Weekly opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Prayer throughout the school day, including the Angelus at lunchtime and prayers at dismissal
  • Students are encouraged to make regular visits to the chapel
  • Drawing nearer to Jesus through Mary by praying the Holy Rosary

Catholic culture is celebrated throughout the school year in ways that promote our faith and are fun for the students:

  • All Saints Day Festival
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Catholic schools week activities
  • Paso Parade
  • May Crowning