The Arts

Fine Arts & Art Appreciation

The Art Appreciation curriculum is entrusted to Blessed Fra Angelico. Blessed Angelico was a member of the Dominican Order and the first artist to be raised to the honors of the altar. His many paintings in the Dominican convent of San Marco in Florence, Italy have been restored to their original artistic beauty. His exquisite frescos simply mirror the beauty of a soul absorbed in the love of God. Blessed Fra Angelico’s feast day is February 18.

Through our curriculum, the students are exposed to splendid masterpieces of ecclesiastical art and music. They also receive instruction in skills necessary to develop their God-given artistic and musical talents.

The curricular goal of the Fine Arts Program is to develop an appreciation for beauty in all its different expressions in art, music, drama, and other cultural experiences.

Music Appreciation

The Music Appreciation curriculum is entrusted to St. Cecilia. St. Cecilia was born in Rome of a patrician family and was martyred for being a Christian. She is the patron of musicians because during her lifetime she offered a harmonious melody of praise to God in her heart. The feast of St. Cecilia is
November 22.

In preparation for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the students are exposed to the splendid history of Church music.