COVID-19 Community Updates

As required under the Emergency Order issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools on October 6, 2020, the Spiritus Sanctus schools will use this webpage to provide public notice regarding any school-associated cases of COVID-19. Within 24 hours of being notified of a confirmed or probable case by the Washtenaw County Health Department (or a neighboring health department), this notice will be updated. 

IMPORTANT: This notice is not intended to provide notification of possible exposure. Individuals identified as close contacts of positive cases are contacted directely by the Washtenaw County Health Department (or another health department) and given instructions to isolate or quarantine. Close contact means you have been face-to-face with an infectious person for 15 minutes or more. 

COVID-19 Cases Associated with Ann Arbor Campus

7 cases since the beginning of the school year; no known spread  in our school community 

Updated: [04/08/21 5:00 PM]. Last notification from health departments [For all the cases we notified the health department. For all cases close contact information was provided; to our knowledge the close contacts have not yet been contacted by the health department. We complied with health department directives and advised identified close contacts to quarantine in advance of health department communication.]

COVID-19 Cases Associated with Plymouth Campus – Updated 03/26/2020

New Cases (Since Last Update): 2 students- siblings unrelated to previously reported cases

Cases from last update on 03/24/2021: 1 student

Cumulative Cases (Since reporting began): 12;  7 students; 5 adults; all individual cases no school spread

This data includes probable and confirmed cases among students, staff, administration, coaches, or visitors, if the person with COVID-19 was in the building or participating in a school-sponsored function during their infectious period. Please note case reports are preliminary and may change.

We are grateful to be back for in-person learning for the 2020-2021 school year!