Our Students Shined at WESO

The 15th Annual Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad was held June 3rd at Pioneer High School, with over 2,600 children competing from 42 schools making this the largest Science Olympiad in the United States!

Thanks to our awesome coaches and amazing children, we brought home 22 medals-which is more than double from last year.

This year’s Science Olympiad was historic in many ways….

  • SSA medaled in 22 of the 31 events;
  • We had 63 participants, a 40% increase from last years 36 participants;
  • SSA Ann Arbor and SSA Plymouth collaborated together to bring into fruition the most successful event thus far.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”- Anthony J D'Ange

The passion was evident in both the students and coaches. We could not have succeeded without the incredible coaches, who’s endeavor was to educate, nurture and instill the passion of learning that resulted in an enthusiastic and eager group of students.  No words could explain how proud we are of everyone and their accomplishments!

Unspoken recognition came from the whispers of the crowd wondering who was “this Latin school that keeps winning?” Science Olympiad is not about the medals (although we loved it when our school name was called) but the experience of working together, helping one another and partnering to enrich the lives of all involved.

As we conclude the year we should not forget how blessed we are that we have had the opportunity to be in a community driven by faith and we hope that the outcome of this year’s Science Olympiad will provide the momentum and confirmation that as parents we can make a difference in their lives and that in doing so, we can touch the lives of their peers and help them grow together.




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